About Us


Working together for a better future

We are a collective of black parents united in the objective of providing black children with enriching education in a safe and equitable environment


Change Through Collective Action

Higher Playing Field holds a new vision for our children and for our community,
enabled though a new system of education

Parent Community

We provide spaces and opportunities for black parents to fellowship, garner support and share solutions

  • In-person and virtual events
  • Courses
  • Online resources for our members
  • Online communities to foster peer support and engagement

Educational Advocacy

We assist and empower our parent community to effectively navigate the education system and advocate for their children.

  • Online Resources
  • Support and mentoring
  • Courses and Webinars
  • We can refer you to advocates partnered with us

Educational Activism

We engage with policy makers to reflect the needs and voice of our community and advocate for change

  • Data collection and oversight of local concerns
  • Response to consultations and legislative change
  • Support of campaigns at grass roots

Join Us

Re-imagine Education

Imagine an education system which celebrates and cultivated
the natural strengths and passions of our children

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