S01E001: Education Unveiled: Yvonne Dixon’s Quest for Equity in Education

About this Podcast:

Yvonne Dixon boasts over two decades of teaching experience in London schools. She is a seasoned Senior Leader renowned for her expertise in reviving underperforming schools, specialising in the education of children with Special Educational Needs. Beyond her professional life, Yvonne has been a dedicated foster carer, a mother to three boys, a thriving entrepreneur, and an influential community leader. Yvonne uniquely straddles the worlds of education, both as a Black Senior Leader within schools and as a parent.

In our conversation, we delve into the myriad challenges that confront Black children and educators within the education system. We explore how parents can work together to make well-informed choices about their children’s education and collectively safeguard them


Show Notes

Here’s a glimpse of the topics we touch upon:

  • 00:16 The treatment of Black boys in the education system.
  • 00:41 Key factors to assess when evaluating a school for your child.
  • 00:56 The power of community collaboration in school evaluations.
  • 02:10 Yvonne’s personal journey, including the teacher who inspired her to teach and offered her hands-on experience at a supplementary school.
  • 05:45 The lack of Black leaders in the education sector.
  • 15:17 The alarming issue of Black boys being stopped and searched on their way to school.
  • 16:59 How the fear surrounding Black boys impacts both them and our community.
  • 30:25 Yvonne’s experiences as an advocate for her own children.
  • 34:45 Illuminating examples of inequities in school disciplinary sanctions.
  • 39:10 Practical steps to take when evaluating a school for your child.
  • 42:50 The power of community unity in response to inequity and injustice.
  • 49:57 Examining the affect of increased policing within schools.
  • 53:50 Harnessing collective wisdom to inform our decisions regarding our children’s education.
  • 59:20 Yvonne’s admiration for the inspirational John Boyega.
  • 01:00 Yvonne’s fervent desire to narrow the achievement gap between Black children and their peers.
  • 01:04 The profound impact of escalating university fees, both on our children and our community.

Join us for this enlightening discussion as we seek solutions and insights into creating a more equitable and just educational landscape for all.

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