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Higher Playing Field Podcast

Join us on a journey of discovery of what education is, is not and could be.

Working together for a better future

We are a collective of black parents united in the objective of providing black children with enriching education in a safe and equitable environment

Building a Parent Community

At Higher Playing Field, we strongly believe in the power of collective action to effect change. As a virtual village for parents of black children, we provide both virtual and in-person spaces for black parents to connect with one another, receive and offer support, and share solutions. Additionally, we offer a wealth of resources and information to guide families navigating the education system and taking an active role in shaping positive outcomes for their children.

Advocacy and Activism

Our aim is to empower families to effectively advocate for their children by providing them with valuable resources and connecting them with partner organizations. We are dedicated to driving change across the educational landscape by representing the challenges and needs of our parent community to policy-makers, and working together to make high educational attainment the norm within our community.

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